About Turtle Morphs

TurtleMorphs is founded by Vin Ma. It all started by just collecting a couple of Albino Red Ear Sliders as a hobby. Things rapidly begin to expand within my collection over the years, and I started working with much rarer and newer morphs. After being in the hobby for a few years, I've decided to start breeding these awesome turtles in hopes to produce more hatchlings to share with other hobbyists. The goal at TurtleMorphs.com is to educate you about the world of exotic turtle morphs.

We are always looking for new turtle morphs to add to our collection. If you would like to trade your exotic turtles, please use the contact form below or the "contact us" page at the top or simply send us an email at TURTLEMORPHS(AT)GMAIL.COM. WE BUY ALL ALBINO TURTLES!